We’re back and it feels so good! As we sat down to write this post, we realized it had been almost 2 months since we have posted. Not cool Megan and Mariah, not cool.

But during our time off, we took a step back and looked at what we wanted Pair of Trends to become and what our goals were for the website. Here is what we settled on: We want Pair of Trends to focus on simplicity, sustainability, and practicality. We want to work towards building a brand that is fashion-forward and at the same time promotes ethical/sustainable practices. (If you haven’t read our post SHOPPING ETHICALLY, we recommend you do!) So a reinvented Pair of Trends may emerge, but definitely for the better.

Now to dive into our classic post. We really haven’t had time to go shopping (tragic) but luckily our sister Justine had some new pieces for us to show off. We wore a beige belted dress from NA-KD with white heeled boots. To add a little something we went with Justine’s Banana Republic scarf (which Megan kept tossing in the wind like some dramatic 50s movie). And of course, the look would not be completed without a pair of sunglasses. This look is perfect for meetings, work, your job as a flight attendant, standing on the dock watching your sailor lover go out to sea, ya know, the basics.

NA-KD is a European fashion company who is relatively new (started in 2015). We did a quick search on their website and found the one thing we were looking for, their sustainability page. They are partnered with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Amfori, a company that helps companies succeed without harming their workers or the environment. You can find NA-KD’s sustainability page here. Again, a quick search of a brand can go a long way in helping you choose where to buy from!

Get the Look:

NA-KD Dress     Similar White Boots     Similar Scarf (Would look super cute with dress!)


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