Simplicity, sustainability, and practicality. This is what Pair of Trends is based on, inspired by our trip to Copenhagen in the summer of 2019. The fashions we saw in Copenhagen were so different than fashions we had been wearing before, and maybe that’s why we liked it so much. Being from the small town of Hastings, NE, we never got to see high fashion work its magic right in front of us. So thank you, Copenhagen, for inspiring two twin sisters to dress sustainably and be timeless while doing so. Now, a little bit about ourselves.


Definitely a creative director to be. Mariah can see potential in any location and can execute those visions in her poses and behind the camera. Her sense of style is classic, refined, and professional. Growing up, she killed it during our hallway fashion shows and is showing herself, along with everyone else, what she’s capable of. Always trying something new, she isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone for an amazing shot. Mariah is goofy, badass, and fiercely dedicated to the constant improvement of Pair of Trends.



The branding mind of Pair of Trends, Megan is dedicated to making the blog about sustainable and ethically made clothing, all while making it look good. Megan spends up to an hour mixing and matching pieces to create the perfect look, taking inspiration from her favorite bloggers, brands, and places. An excellent photographer, she loves capturing her creations in motion. Megan pays great attention to detail, is devoted to Pair of Trends, and makes blogging one of the most fun things to do.


xo, Mariah and Megan

Email – pairoftrends@yahoo.com

Instagram – Pair of Trends

Twitter – Megan – Mariah

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  1. texaslawstudent Avatar

    Co-authored blogs are so cool! Sadly I’m in it alone lol. Good luck to yall!

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