Fall Trends

Fall never fails to show us the most outgoing and insane trends (That we absolutely love). This fall everybody is bringing out their creative side and  wearing what people thought would never be back in style, like when Mom-Jeans came back (but weren’t we all expecting that??). To help you get in on this crazy season of fashion, we put together what’s blowing up on the streets and runways!

Show Your Socks 

Why hide your socks when they’re as stylish as Kendall Jenner’s? Wearing a low boot or flat with some fishnet or stylish socks can make a statement, as Kendall Jenner shows in one of her Instagram posts shown below. Fishnet socks might have you second-guessing this trend, because who would wear fishnet as a sock?? Actually, everybody. But if you’re not into the sock thing, try a fishnet tight with that dress you’re going to wear this weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 5.51.32 PM.png

Oversized Fishnet Socks


Raw Cut Fishnet Tights



Midi Skirt

Another big trend we see popping up is the classic midi skirt. Yes, these are wearable anytime, but the way these trendsetters are wearing them makes it a lot more stylish. Take Happily Grey’s post for example. Fashion divas everywhere are pairing a colored midi skirt with a casual sweater or tee. Sneakers are an amazing shoe to wear with this because it gives a cool vibe. We’re personally in love with this trend, and desperately need to get a skirt like this!

Jersey Pleat Midi Skirt


Pleated Midi Skirt



Circle Handle Bags 

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement at your Thanksgiving dinner, a circle handle bag is the way to go. They’re chic and will make everyone remember that design. Here are some of the bags that we found that are now on our Christmas list!

Future Glory Circle Handbag



Faux Leather Mini Clutch




Ah ruffles, how we remember you on those socks we wore when we had to go to church when we were little. But ruffles are finally making a comeback, and we love it. Ruffles on anything from dresses  to crop tops were everywhere during New York Fashion Week, and they are so cute. But don’t be scared of ruffles because you think  you’ll look like a little girl, we are sure you can rock the ruffle look like no other!

Boxy Ruffled Lace-Up Top


Open-Shoulder Romper



Faux Fur 

We all need something to keep us warm on those chilly nights, and faux fur is the way to go. We would only wear faux fur because animals are very important to us and we would rather not wear them (nobody should in our opinion). Faux fur can be used as a fashion statement for any outfit. Wear a faux fur jacket with a tee and some jeans, and you’re the new fashionista in town! Here are some of our favorites:

Faux Fur Mock Neck Jacket


Faux-Fur-Trim Moto Jacket



Give these trends a try this fall, and let us see your looks in the comments or tag us in your Instagram posts, we’d love to hear from all of you!


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