Oh Wonder

Last week, we got the chance to go to Lawrence, Kansas to see Oh Wonder perform. And let’s just say, we loved it. It was about a four-hour drive from our hometown of Hastings, Nebraska to the Granada Theatre in Lawrence. Once we got there, anticipation filled us and our sister, Justine. The downtown area near the Granada Theatre was adorable, with a bunch of cute shops and places to eat. Plus, there were dogs walking with their owners everywhere so that was a major plus while waiting in line.


After our wait, at 7:30 we got let in. Megan had to stay a little behind because she couldn’t take her backpack in, but we found each other in the lobby. The theatre was small, which isn’t such a bad thing when you want to be close to the one performing. We stood in the middle of the pit, with people surrounding us. A little uncomfortable-yes, but all so worth it. In the end, we got an excellent place to stand.


The opening act was Kevin Garrett. He had pretty good songs, except we really couldn’t hear the words because the bass was so loud. The music was slower, so it was calming and we’re sure the lyrics were beautiful.


Oh Wonder came out about 10 minutes after Kevin, and we were so ready for them. From the first song to the very last the crowd was always singing along, and it was fascinating. Oh Wonder sounds exactly like their music. It was amazing. Josephine and Anthony are very good performers who kept the crowd upbeat and cheering.


Some of our favorite songs were Lose It, Technicolor Beat, Without You, and Livewire. We would definitely recommend going to one of their concerts if you like their songs. They put on a great show and you can tell they truly love music.


For most concerts, we like to style outfits that are comfortable enough to dance in, yet cute. So we styled high waisted jeans with a knotted tank top for Megan. We also added a  backpack to the look for an easy way of carrying our belongings. For Mariah, we paired a simple slip dress and white tee with OTK boots. And all 3 of us sisters color coordinated which was pretty cute. Hopefully, you get an amazing experience like we did at our Oh Wonder concert!

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