And we’re back! Our first social-distanced photo shoot turned out amazing, as this location had everything we needed. The foliage in the grotto really made the natural tone of our dress shine while the stone was the perfect complement. The lighting was beyond perfect as well (allow us to geek out for a moment – good lighting is a rarity for us).

The dress, purchased from ASOS, is a linen wrap dress, which is perfect for the hot and humid days we’ve been having recently. Our printed scarf added dimension and a Parisian impression to the look. We paired this dress-scarf combo with some minimal gold earrings and black jelly sandals to keep things cool.

Get the Look:

2020-07-012020-07-01 (1)2020-07-01 (2)2020-07-01 (3)

Yellow &Other Stories  Beige &Other Stories Color Scarf  Slingback Sandals


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