Let’s face it: fashion can be crazily expensive. But when you shop smart and shop the right brands, you can have the best of both worlds with glamorous outfits and amazing deals. Here’s a list of some of our favorite brands you may love (and they are all brands who go against modern slavery, mentioned in our post SHOPPING ETHICALLY).

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear was started in 1991 and was based on three fundamentals: fashion, price, and quality. So you know when you shop Pull & Bear you are bound to snag a great deal on some killer styles. And good news- they recently opened an online USA store- so you can shop until you drop without having to worry about shipping problems. But ASOS also carries lots of Pull & Bear items and they have some great deals on them. Below are some styles from Pull & Bear that might catch your eye.

Pull & Bear Faux Leather Dress                Pull & Bear Neon Bandeau Top



Many people say that Stradivarius is the sister store to Zara, and it’s totally true. Although Zara is more expensive, both stores have the same style. Stradivarius was started in 1994 and is based in Barcelona, Spain. And although they have stores in over 60 countries, the United States isn’t one of them. But there’s still hope to get your hands on this brand. Our trusty ASOS carries Stradivarius as well and for around the same prices found on the Stradivarius website. Some things we’re lovin from this brand are down below.

Stradivarius Garcons Sweatshirt     Stradivarius Contrast Sleeve Blazer


New Look

For starting in the UK in 1969, New Look has come a long way. Now they ship to 120 countries worldwide from their website AND they ship to the United States, can you say bonus!! Their clothing is often simplistic, but you can def find some wild styles if you look hard enough (especially in the bodysuit section). Here are some styles we have our eye on:

New Look London Hoodie                       New Look Studded Belt



Founded in 1998, Bershka is a fairly new brand that has recently stolen our hearts. Bershka keeps up with all of the latest trends, from snake print to neon, and has low prices that satisfy your bank account. After buying our hoodie from Bershka (see Snake Print), we will for sure be buying from Bershka again. Our next purchase may include:

Bershka High Neck Bodysuit              Bershka Neon Chain Necklace

In all, we totally recommend any of these brands for your next shopping spree. They are all super stylish and save your budget- a win-win! We love all of these brands and we hope you will too!


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