Our Favorite Bloggers to Follow

Like most people who have a favorite celebrity or a favorite singer, we have our favorite bloggers. Like us, these bloggers love fashion and document it on their own Instagrams and websites. If you need to spice up your Instagram feed or get some fashion or picture inspo, these are your go-to girls.

Aimee Song for Song of Style

Aimee Song has been our inspiration for many of our photos and blog posts. We recently got her book, Capture Your Style, from our mom as a Christmas gift and we have taken so many new tips and tricks from it, even though we aren’t even done reading the book yet. Her blog Song of Style has a boatload of chic outfits and cool interior design ideas. She definitely makes the top of our list. And as an added bonus: she’s relatable, and we can tell she genuinely loves what she does! So if you’re a blogger like us, or a reader who needs a refresher of new and unique pics to scroll through, you should definitely go follow her. You can find her Instagram here.


Danielle Bernstein in her blog post “Jacket of the Season”

We have been following and reading a ton from Danielle Bernstein and her blog We Wore What ever since we got our blog up and in motion. She has heaps of outfits that are all diverse and are great sparks to kick in your creative gear when getting dressed for the day. She, like Aimee Song, is all about the awesome pictures too. Did we mention she is the queen of street style?? On her Instagram, she has a ton of travel photos from her adventures, and even makes a day going to the dentist a fashionable one! Def go and give her a follow, she will not disappoint.


Chiara Ferragni for The Blonde Salad

One of the most influential people in today’s fashion industry is Chiara Ferragni. Chiara lives the life, including a top-notch blog and a humongous Instagram base, along with her own shoe line. (I know, goals right??) Chiara is not afraid of colors, as you can tell from the picture above, which is from her blog The Blonde Salad. She also isn’t afraid to post on Insta or other social networks, so she is the person to follow if you want an interesting feed to scroll through in the mornings. Her Instagram is linked here.


Mary Seng for Happily Grey

If you’re really into pretty themes on Insta, where every photo in one’s grid is all the same color or filter, Mary Seng is your girl to follow. Her Instagram is stunning, with all the photos being the same color gray, because get this, her blog is called Happily Grey. Not everyone can go with the same theme for very long (take us for example), but Mary is very good at keeping the same filter on all of her pictures, which is so pleasing you just have to follow her. Happily Grey has tons of different outfits for every season, and moods that you might be in.

Do you have a favorite blogger or Insta star?? Make sure to share it with us in the comments!

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