September Trends

With summer almost to an end, fashion novas everywhere are transitioning to their fall wardrobe. We’ve picked up on a few of the trends we’ve seen throughout New York Fashion Week so far, and decided to show you our favorites! So, with the help of Who What Wear‘s trends article, here are some of our best-loved trends.


Whether it be velvet shoes, jackets, dresses, whatever; velvet is huge right now. Our favorite presentation of the velvet trend is either booties or flats. These shoes are fall’s new go-to for a fashion refresher. They’re an exciting, new, and stylish way to mix up your wardrobe. You can play with colors or keep it neutral; the possibilities are endless. Here are our favorite picks:


Stewart Weitzman Bacari Bootie


Stewart Weitzman Clare Bootie


Another ever growing trend this month is athletic street wear. Those Adidas joggers you might have stuffed away in your closet? Those might come in handy this month. Track pants, baggy sweatshirts, puffer coats, and bombers- all part of the athletic line of fashion are making a statement in the streets. We love this trend because it is stylish and comfy. What is better than that? A pair of track pants, a bomber jacket, and some cool sneakers make the perfect outfit to go along with this trend.


Silence + Noise Hooded Bomber


Adidas Track Pant


Lace Up Plimsolls


Let’s face it – denim is almost always in, and when it is, it’s huge. Anything that is denim is big in the fashion industry right now. Patchwork jeans made an appearance on the runway several times these past months, and it-girls are getting their hands on them ASAP. We like the idea of the different patterns of patchwork denim, but prefer to keep it subtle. Some, for us, are too out of our style and it’s totally okay if you prefer the outstanding ones. We’ve picked some patchwork denim that has caught our eye, and some that may catch yours as well.


Boyfit Jeans


Patchwork High Rise Mom Jeans

Hopefully, this post gave you some new and unique ideas to freshen up your wardrobe. There are trends all around you, the trick is just finding what YOU like. We aren’t saying just because these pieces of clothing are in, you have to go buy some right away. Just do you. We’ll be trying to do posts like this most months, and whenever we see a big new fad. If you have any suggestions on what posts you would like to see, go ahead and comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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