5 Ways to Style a Striped Tee

Since almost everyone has a striped tee hanging somewhere in their wardrobe, we decided to make a post on some outfits to inspire you to dig it out from the depths of your closet!


A simple way to wear a striped tee is to pair it with a set of overalls and some Converse sneakers. And if you’re worried about looking too country, don’t worry. Celebrities like Zendaya and Taylor Swift have worn these and looked amazing. Check out our post Making a Comeback to see just where to get these trendy overalls.


To dress it up a bit, try going with a simple black skater skirt like the one pictured. They go with almost anything and are super cute! Some black lace up flats are a good way to make the look more classy. To see another outfit with the same lace up flats, go check out B & W!


Our favorite jacket, featured in Downtown Looks  and Activewear, is basically our new go-to for a pop of interest for when our outfit is all neutral colors. Looking for a way to add color to your striped shirt look? Just add this bomber and you’re good to go!

Picture 010Picture 014

This is a post we did called Neutral, and is a great example of how to dress up a plain striped shirt. The suede of the skirt adds some texture to the outfit and compliments the shirt well.


Stripes and polka dots? Yes please! The polka dot hat is actually a great piece to go with the tee. Classic high waisted jeans and Birkenstocks are a great way to keep it relaxed and minimal.

Hopefully these helped you get out of your “I have nothing to wear” mindset. (If you’re in one, anyways.) Just play around with different patterns and  maybe add your own touch to one of these outfits!

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