Our Top 10 Must-Haves

Let’s face it – Everybody has worn that one special clothing item at least twice a week. Which is totally ok, because we do it too! And as long as it seems clean enough, who cares? Here are our top 10 items that we can’t live without (literally).

  • Superstars- These are truly the comfiest shoes to walk around town with. The gold accents surprisingly go with our outfits very well. See Street Style to catch a glimpse of just what you could wear with them. IMG_2041


  •  Floppy Hats- We recently received two floppy hats for Christmas, and to say the least, we fell in love. They’re a chic statement maker in any outfit, and hide even the worst bad hair day. Don’t worry we’ll be doing a post on these soon!

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.59.19 PM

  • Ripped jeans- Our ripped skinny jeans are our lifesaver. They go with just about everything and you can dress them up or down, like wearing them with tee or a trench coat. To view how we dressed our jeans up, visit L.L Bean or Street StyleCopy of IMG_7430


  • Leather jacket- A quality leather jacket is a great investment. It can be paired with just about anything, and is easy to dress up or down. Pair with jeans or a skirt and you have a perfect outfit. Check out Street Style to see what we paired our jacket with. IMG_4077-crop


  • Army Jacket- Oh, the good old Army jacket. Who could live without one? One way we like to wear ours is to layer it with another thin zip-up underneath. It’s fashion forward all while keeping you warm on cold days.


  • Hunter Rain Boots- No, it’s not raining. Yes, we are wearing rain boots.. No matter the weather these boots are always in style. We love to pair them with jeans, or even with skirts and tights. These boots are made for walking mostly all year round!

Copy of IMG_7487

  • Kate Spade Bag- We adore everything Kate Spade, especially their bags. A post featuring our two new bags will be coming up soon!  Kate Spade has a bag for every occasion, not to mention they are super trendy and look very sophisticated.


  • Calvins- Two words- Calvin. Klein. Probably the most comfortable set we’ve ever come across. They’re in high demand and we can see why. #mycalvins


  • Bomber jacket- Floral or solid colored, a bomber jacket is necessary for just about any wardrobe. Whether you like fun and funky or minimalist fashion, there’s a bomber jacket out there for you. Like the leather jacket, we don’t know where we would be without one.


  • Booties- They are blowing up in fall fashion and can be found about anywhere. Booties can come in all styles and colors, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding the ideal bootie for you.



Our New Year’s resolution is to post weekly, so keep an eye out for new posts!



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